Intelligent CAN-Bridge


  • Linking two CAN nets with data buffering

  • Different bit rates on the CAN nets possible

  • 11-bit ID and 29-bit ID bridge

  • Internal microcontroller MB90F543

  • High-Speed CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898-2, 1 Mbit/s

  • Electrical isolation by optocouplers and DC/DC-converters

  • Configuration of the CAN-CBM-Bridge/2 module is easily done by means of a PC/terminal

  • Direct fixing at DIN-EN carrier rail mounting (TS 35)

Linking two CAN networks
The module CAN-CBM-Bridge/2 can link two independent CAN networks. The networks can be operated with different bit rates. The module operates with a MB90F543 microcontroller, which buffers the CAN data in a local SRAM. The firmware is in the flash. A serial EEPROM stores parameters.

The ISO 11898-compatible CAN interfaces allow each a maximum data-transfer rate of 1 Mbit/s. The CAN interfaces are electrically insulated by optocouplers and DC/DC converters. They are connected via 5-pin screw/plug connectors in Combicon design.

The RS-232 is used as serial programming interface. The interface is connected via a DSUB9 connector.
The CAN-CBM-Bridge/2 module can easily be configured by means of a terminal, e.g. Windows Hyperterminal.
The module is a 11-bit-ID and a 29-bit-ID Bridge. Up to 26 unidirectional links of identifiers can be configured. Beyond that up to four masks can be defined to link the identifiers completely or to link defined ranges of identifiers.

Intelligent CAN-Bridge CAN-CBM-Bridge/2 by esd