AdvancedMC™ Analog/Digital I/O Module

Wide range of high-speed and high-resolution I/Os on one board

  • 8 analog inputs ±10 V, 16 bit, 200 kHz
  • 2 analog outputs ±10 V, 16 bit, 600 kHz
  • 24 digital inputs/outputs (DI, DO), TTL level
  • 4 trigger ports (RS485)
  • DMA on host CPU memory to minimize latency of PCIe® read cycle

Choose the right I/O connector configurations for your application

  • AMC-ADIO24-HD50 with 1x 10-pin har-link and 1x 50-pin har-mik® connector
  • AMC-ADIO24 with 7x 10-pin Harting® har-link® connector

'Timing Routing Pool'

  • Multiple programmable trigger conditions
  • Prepared for MTCA.4 (MicroTCA® Enhancements for Rear I/O and Precision Timing)


Suitable accessories - the AMC-ADIO adapter

Routing module for har-link® connectors as DIN rail module for easy connection of process signals

  • Module for converting a 10-pin har-link® socket (Harting) to Phoenix Contact COMBICON push-in spring-cage connectors FK-MCP 1.5/14-STF-3.81
  • Easy mounting via DIN-EN rail (top-hat rail)
  • Optimal shielding by using a har-link® adapter cable

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Number: U.1001.02

24x Dig.I/O, 8x AIN, 2x AOUT, 4 I/O RS485, Single, Mid 4TE, HD50 connector

  • Bus-Mastering (DMA-Support)
  • PCIe
Form factor: AMC  
  • Analog Output
  • Analog Input
  • Digital Output
  • Digital Input
  • Serial Interface
HS Code: 85176200


Number: U.1001.09

Adapter from SCSI connector 50-pin connector via ribbon cable (0,5m) to transfer/interface modules (50-pin, screw connection, mounting on standard DIN rail)

Form factor: Railmount  
HS Code: 84733080
Number: U.1001.10

DIN-EN rail mounting module connecting 10-pin har-link socket connector to 14-pin COMBICON style connector FK-MCP 1,5/14-STF-3,81.

Form factor: Railmount  
HS Code: 84733080
Number: U.1001.11

assembled cable with single shielding

HS Code: 85444290