Centrally programmable lubrication system reduces maintenance requirements

CAN-CBX controller and web application software from esd enable central control of distributed multi-point lubrication systems

perma-tec manufactures and sells lubrication systems for machines in a wide range of industries. With their single and multi-point lubrication systems, optimal lubrication can be achieved with minimal time and personnel expenditure.

To further minimize the effort required for multi-point lubrication systems, permatec developed the perma NET lubrication system with central monitoring of up to 600 lubrication points. The lubrication systems are accessed via a CAN-Ethernet gateway from esd, which was integrated into the perma NET system as an OEM version in the function of a NET GATEWAY. A multi-user user interface programmed into it enables a wide range of monitoring and configuration functions.

The Lower Franconian company perma-tec from Euerdorf near Bad Kissingen was founded in 1934 as a metal goods factory in Bad Kissingen. It recognized the need for continuous automatic lubrication of moving machine parts. To reduce maintenance, it developed a single-point lubrication system and patented it in 1964. Continuous development led to multi-point lubrication systems and later to the centrally controlled multi-point lubrication system perma NET, which was first presented at the Hanover Fair in 2002. It is a self-contained system monitored by a centrally managed computer.

Networked lubrication system

In industries such as coal logistics or mining, machines are used that have a large footprint with many or difficult-to-access lubrication points. In some cases, a large number of lubrication systems are distributed over a large area. Due to the expanse, monitoring and control is associated with considerable time and personnel expenditure. This approach finally led to the development of a new networked perma NET system with web browser based monitoring and configuration within the network, which reduces the effort considerably.

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Web application by esd for perma NET grease system
Gateway and web-based application from esd for perma NET lubrication system

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