Custom-Specific Solutions for Industrial Automation

esd develops and manufactures hardware and software for the automation industry. Special focus is given to custom-specific solutions particularly for companies in the fields of automotive and machine industry, medical technology as well as aerospace. esd`s production scheme ranges from small-scale production to on-time supply of larger series. Training courses and workshops complement esd`s development capabilities.

esd´s engineering performance draws on years of experience in dealing with PowerPC® systems on basis of PPC4xx, MPC8xxx/52xx/750 and Multicore QorIQ™. Designs based on ARM® processors and 8/16-bit microcontrollers are being developed by esd likewise. Integrating CAN, PROFIBUS®,  PROFINET®, EtherCAT® and Wireless-functionalities are among esd´s main areas of expertise. Developments with extended requirements such as  rugged environment or Ex-protection will be considered by esd.

 Industrial laser welding roboter
Industrial laser controller

Opened turbine housing
Turbine remote data logger


esd is one of the leading suppliers of CAN modules. This particularly includes interface boards (PCI, CompactPCI®, PMC, PCI EXPRESS®, VME, USB, Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth®) and gateways (EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET). On OSI-layer 7 esd supports the protocols CANopen® and DeviceNet® (Master and Slave). For custom-specific implementations this software is offered as a source code.

esd has gained CAN experience since 1990 and is a founder member of the CiA® (CAN in Automation e.V.) as well as a member of the ODVA® (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association). Taking part in numerous committees esd contributes to the definition of norms and profiles.

EtherCAT/Industrial Ethernet

esd attaches importance to EtherCAT as the technology par excellence for Industrial Ethernet. In this respect esd´s EtherCAT Master together with the corresponding EtherCAT Workbench constitutes a high-performance software which is also available for real-time operating systems.
Throughout implementation esd provides technical support by offering training courses and workshops to its customers. Furthermore esd develops modules and gateways based on EtherCAT and PROFINET.

Modular Rackmount Systems

esd manufactures boards and components for plug-in card systems such as AMC, VMEbus, CompactPCI and PMC. These standard boards are being sold throughout the world by esd´s branch offices and distributors. In addition esd delivers complete turnkey systems previously configured and programmed if required.

esd is a member of the VITA® (VMEbus International Trade Association), the PCI-SIG® (PCI Special Interest Group) as well as the PICMG® (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group).


Industrial furnace control

Controller for production of enameled copper wire

Operating Systems and Application Programming

esd offers drivers, tools and applications for standard operating systems such as Windows as well as various UNIX® and LINUX® systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the application of realtime-multitasking operating systems such as VxWorks®, QNX®, RTX, OS-9® and RTOS-UH. In addition to the application programming and the development of Board Support Packages (BSP) esd also carries out customer training courses focusing on real-time applications. esd also develops applications according to technical specifications and provides customer support during implementation.

Quality control system for white goods production
Production plant control system

esd employees

Company History

esd was founded as an engineering office in 1984 by Dr. Werner Schulze and Klaus Detering. Since then the company has grown into an internationally active system house in the area of industrial automation technology. Since 1992 esd is located in the Vahrenwalder Street in the north of Hanover. With more than 60 employees esd offers its customers a true fullservice from development through series production to the provision of worldwide support. Since its foundation esd is 100 percent owned by its management.