PCI Express® EtherCAT® Slave Interface

EtherCAT for every PC

  • Turn your PC into an EtherCAT slave node

EtherCAT Slave featured via Ethernet physical Layer

  • ET1100 ESC address space is directly mapped to the PCI Express address space

  • PCIe® interface according to PCI Express Specification R1.0a

Configuration and Application Development via esd's Tools

  • Configuration by esd's EtherCAT master. A sample device description file (ESI file in XML format) is provided

  • esd EtherCAT slave API library and sample code for application development

EtherCAT Logo

esd electronics is a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG).

This product is in end-of-life status and is not recommended for new development.
Please use the successor model ECS-PCIe/FPGA.

Simple EtherCAT Slave Interface for PCs

The ECS-PCIe/1100 is a PC board designed for PCI Express slots. It features an EtherCAT slave using the Ethernet physical layer via two RJ45 Ethernet sockets. The board uses the ET1100 EtherCAT slave controller (ESC) ASIC that comes with 8 kbytes memory and 8 EtherCAT sync managers. The ET1100 ESC address space is directly mapped to the PCI Express address space.


The ECS-PCIe/1100 integrates any PC into an EtherCAT network and makes it an EtherCAT slave node. The PC can act as I/O node. An EtherCAT master can use several EtherCAT protocols like CoE, FoE and EoE to communicate with this EtherCAT slave node.

Configuration and protocols

Configuration is done through the esd EtherCAT master. A sample device description file (ESI) is provided.

Software Support

Device drivers for Windows® and Linux® with documentation and EtherCAT slave examples are included in the scope of delivery. Drivers for other operating systems, especially realtime-OS, are available on request.

Free drivers for Windows and Linux included

The product is offered with drivers for Windows and Linux, which can be downloaded free of charge.
In addition to these operating systems, various other (real-time) operating systems are also supported. Detailed information can be found in the description of our order items and, if applicable, in the accessories at the bottom of this page. For more detailed information about the availability of drivers for your operating system, please contact our sales team.

Do you have special requirements regarding the product?

We are happy to provide you with a customer-specific option or adjustment to our products when purchasing appropiate quantities. Please contact our sales team for detailed information.


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Number: E.1100.02

ECS-PCIe/1100 PCIexpress board with EtherCAT slave controller ET1100 incl. driver, slave stack binary and documentation for Windows and Linux on CD

  • galvanically isolated
  • EtherCAT Slave
  • PCIe
Form factor: PCIe  
Supported OS:
  • Linux
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • EtherCAT
HS Code: 85176200