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Product Highlights

Name Short description
CPCI-PN-DEV CPCI-PN-DEV: PROFINET-IO / CompactPCI-Interface by esd PROFINET® IO /CompactPCI® Interface
  • Linking PROFINET IO and CompactPCI
  • Design with Established Siemens ERTEC400
  • High-Performance PROFINET IO Connection
ECS-CPCIs/FPGA ECS-CPCIs/FPGA - CompactPCI Serial to EtherCAT Slave Interface CompactPCI® Serial to EtherCAT® Slave Interface
  • Convert your CompactPCI Serial System into an EtherCAT Slave Device
  • Simple Configuration and Rapid Application Development
  • Bus Master Support
Name Short description
CB3-1-TONE CB3-1-TONE: CompactPCI USB 3.0 Super Speed Controller CompactPCI® USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Controller
  • Quad port USB 3.0 controller
CN7-REVERB CN7-REVERB: CPCI Gigabit Ethernet Hostadapter board 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Hostadapter
  • 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet controller
  • 5 x RJ45 front panel connectors
CompactPCI 19 inch, 3 U CompactPCI system
Systems and Boards
CPCI-405 CPCI-405 - High Performance PowerPC™ with Ethernet and CAN by esd High Performance PowerPC™ with Ethernet and CAN
  • CompactPCI® Host or Target Adapter
  • PowerPC™ IBM 405GP(r), up to 608 MIPS, 200/233/266/400 MHz
  • Up to 128 Mbyte RAM
CPCI-ASIO4 CPCI-ASIO4: CompactPCI baord with 4 serial interfaces (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY) by esd 4 Serial Interfaces (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY available)
  • RS-232 (hardware handshake), RS-422, RS-485 or TTY active/passive
  • Electrical isolation (except TTY-active)
  • Bit rate up to 115 kbit/s
CPCI-CAN/200 CPCI-CAN/200: Passive CompactPCI CAN interface with 1 or 2 CAN by esd 1 or 2 Channels CPCI-CAN Interface (Layer 2, CANopen® or J1939)
  • 1 or 2 Channel low-cost CompactPCI CAN Interface
  • Real-time OS Support and Higher Layer Protocols CANopen and J1939
  • Easy Porting to other Operating Systems due to the Use of a common API (NTCAN-API)
CPCI-CAN/331 Intelligent CompactPCI CAN interface with 1 or 2 CAN by esd: CPCI-CAN/331 1 or 2 Channels CPCI-CAN Interface (Layer 2, CANopen® or J1939)
  • Intelligent CompactPCI® CAN Interface
  • Comprehensive Software Support
  • Hardware and Software Options
CPCI-CAN/402-4(-FD) Picture ofCPCI-CAN/402-4(-FD) CompactPCI board with 4xCAN (FD) CompactPCI® Board with 4 CAN or 4 CAN FD Interfaces
  • CompactPCI Board with Altera® FPGA for 4x CAN FD or 4x CAN via DSUB25
  • Wide Range of Operating System Support and Advanced CAN Diagnostic
  • Modern Transceiver Technology
CPCI-CPU/5201 CPCI-PowerPC with Ethernet, USB and CAN: CPCI-CPU/5201 by esd CompactPCI® PowerPC™ CPU Board with CAN, ETHERNET and USB
  • Cost effective 3 U / 4 HP CompactPCI CPU Board
  • Longevity Program of NXP
  • Wide Storage Support (ATA, SDHC™)
CPCI-DIO1616 CPCI-DIO1616: CompactPCI board with 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs by esd 16 Digital Inputs and 16 Digital Outputs
  • CompactPCI® Interface with Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • Outputs with Short Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Individual interrupts on each input channel