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Name Short description
CAN-AIR/2 Wireless CAN-Bridge CAN-AIR/2 by esd Wireless CAN-Bridge with USB Interface
  • Wireless CAN-Bridge
  • Easy Software Configuration
  • Power-over-CAN Version (Option)
CAN-CBM-Bridge/2 Intelligent CAN-Bridge CAN-CBM-Bridge/2 by esd Intelligent CAN-Bridge
  • Linking two CAN nets with data buffering
  • Different bit rates on the CAN nets possible
  • 11-bit ID and 29-bit ID bridge
CAN-Repeater Passive I- and Y-Repeater for CAN by esd Passive I- and Y-Repeater for CAN
  • Linking 2 or 3 CAN nets
  • With or without electrical isolation
  • CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898-2, bit rate up to 1 Mbit/s