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CAN Adapter Cable for CBX/CBM Modules (CAN-Cable-S, 0.3 m) CAN Adapter Cable for CBX/CBM Modules by esd CAN Connection for CBX and CBM Modules
  • 0.3 m CAN cable, characteristic impedance 120 Ω
  • One end 9-pin male DSUB connector, grade 3 quality, metalized plastic case, pin assignment acc. to CiA® specification CiA 303-1
  • One end wire-end sleeves for COMBICON-style plug at CAN module
CAN-Cable-Accessories Picture of CAN Wiring (Example) CAN Wiring for Industrial Environment
  • Factory build Cable Assembly
  • Complies with CANopen® CiA® Recommendation 303 Part1
  • Easy Wiring without Tools
CAN-PCI/4XX-B4-1C4 DSUB37-to-4xDSUB9 CAN Adapter Cable DSUB37 to 4x DSUB9 CAN Adapter Cable DSUB37 to 4x DSUB9
  • Wiring of 4-Channel CAN Interfaces with DSUB37
  • DSUB9 Connector Pin Assignment acc. to CiA 303-1
  • Time-saving wiring
CAN-PHYSLAY-HSP CAN-PHYSLAY-HSP: ISO 11898 High-Speed CAN interface by esd Converter of CAN-TTL to CAN ISO 11898
  • Converter of CAN-TTL signals to an ISO 11898 high-speed CAN interface with DSUB9 connector
  • Compatible to many esd CAN boards
  • CAN interface, 1 Mbit/s, electrically isolated, designed acc. to ISO 11898-2
CAN-TERMINATION-DSUB9 CAN-Termination, DSUB9 by esd DSUB9 Termination for CAN Bus
  • Small Size Termination Connector for CAN Bus
  • Compatible with CiA® 303 and ISO 11898-2
  • Plugable to both Genders
J1939 Starter Kit USB/2 for Windows SAE J1939 Starter Kit with CAN-USB/2 Module by esd SAE J1939 Starter Kit with CAN-USB/2 Module
  • Starting with J1939 out of the Box
  • Easy Start-up of Monitoring a J1939 Network
  • Documentation, Drivers and Software Tools for Windows
Windows CAN-Starter Kit CAN Starter Kit for Windows Starter Kit for Windows®
  • PC-CAN interface module with one CAN interface (CAN-USB/2, CAN-PCI/331, CAN-PCI/200, CPCI-CAN/331)
  • Digital I/O module CAN-CBM-DIO8 with 8 channels
  • Simulation block CBM-CSK1 with switches and LEDs for input and output simulation