VME64 PowerPC™ CPU Board with 2 PMC Slots, Conduction Cooled

Fully Equipped VMEbus Processor Board

  • Powerful VME-PCI bridge Tundra Tsi148

  • 4-level VME arbiter, address space up to A64/D64

  • VME64-extension connector

  • Master or slave functionality

  • High efficient PowerPC MPC8349, 533 MHz

  • 1 Gbit Ethernet port and 2 RS-232 serial ports

  • Add one PMC module and one PMC/XMC module to your system

  • XMC according to VITA™ 42.3

  • Featuring 2eVME and 2eSST fast protocol

  • PCI 64 bit at 66 MHz, 3.3 V only

Conduction Cooled Low Power Design

  • Design for low power consumption and easy cooling

  • Wide temperature range with conduction cooling (-40 °C ... +75 °C)

  • Approved in many industrial applications

  • Standard interfaces and form factors according to IEEE P1386-2001 and IEEE 1014 Rev.D

  • PPMC according to VITA 32

  • RTC buffered by ELDC or 5 V VMEbus Standby

  • BSPs are available for VxWorks®, Linux® and QNX®

ECC Memory Technology

  • 512 Mbyte DDR2-RAM with Error Correcting Codes (ECC)

  • 2 Gbyte NAND Flash allows even complex and ambitious operating systems as well as user's application

  • 128 Mbyte Flash (NOR)

  • XC3S1600E FPGA (shared with NAND Flash interface)

VME-PMC-CPU/2-CC: Conduction cooled VME64 PowerPC™ CPU board with 2 PMC slots by esd
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