Intelligent VME64-Carrier Board for PMC Modules

High Bandwith - VME64/PCI64

  • Powerful VME-PCI bridge Tundra Tsi148

  • 4-level VME arbiter and address space up to A64/D64

  • VME64-extension connector

  • Master or slave functionality

  • 2eVME and 2eSST fast protocol

  • PCI 64 bit at 66 MHz, 3.3 V only

Reliable Design - Easy to Handle and Cost Effective

  • Design for low power consumption and easy cooling

  • Wide temperature range with conduction cooled or extended temperature range version

  • Approved in many industrial applications

  • Standard interfaces and form factors according to IEEE P1386-2001 and IEEE 1014 Rev.D

  • PPMC according to VITA™ 32

  • Software libraries available

Easy Expansion of VMEbus Systems

  • Add up to 2 PMC boards to your system

  • Connect to the field with P2-IO, signals routed acc. to VITA 35 (P4V2-64ac, P4V0-64)

  • Insert 2 single size or 1 double size PMC module

  • Use options for P2 pin assignment and 3.3 V supply

This product is in life cycle stage end-of-life!
(Please use replacement VME-PMC-CADDY/2plus)

VME-PMC-CADDY/2: Intelligent VME64-Carrier Board for PMC Modules by esd
Not available