Position Controller for 5 Axes


  • 5 incremental encoder inputs with each an index input using 24 V

  • 5 enable outputs 24 V/ 3x 0.6 A and 2x 0.3A nominal current, short-circuit-proof

  • 5 analog outputs for DC and servo motors, ±10 V/12 bits

  • All inputs and outputs electrically isolated

  • MC 68331 microcontroller/25 MHz

  • FPGA used as pulse processor and parallel interface controller

  • Easy handling by means of a shared RAM interface (256 kbytes)

  • Intelligence on board makes the controlling fast and relieves the VMEbus

  • VMEbus compatibility: IEEE 1014 rev. C1

  • VMEbus access: SD16

  • Control of the axes is performed by the local software

  • Successor of VME-IPOS

VME-IPOS: Servo drive position controller for 5 axes by esd