16 Analog Outputs, Resolution 12 Bits

Up to 16 D/A Converters

  • General purpose analog output board

  • 8 or 16 analog output channels

  • 12 bits resolution, 5 μs settling time

  • Multiple output voltage ranges possible, optionally current outputs for 8 channels

  • Buffered outputs, short-circuit-proof

Industrial Standard

  • Safety of operation by electrical isolation between VMEbus and process environment

  • Proper wiring of analog outputs and analog parts power supply to the backplane via P2 and at the front panel


  • Optional IEEE front panel for VMEDAC1612-16 with easy-to-use ejector handle

  • A customized version, compatible with XYCOM XVME530 is available

Output Circuit

The VME-DAC1612 is an interface board designed for the generation of 8 analog signals (VME-DAC1612-8) or 16 analog signals(VME-DAC1612-16) for process control purposes.
Output voltages can be selected to 0...+5 V, 0...+10 V, ±5 V or ±10 V.
The selection is done by setting the corresponding jumpers on the board. Gain and offset can be adjusted by potentiometers. The VME-DAC1612 is delivered with adjustment for bipolar voltages.

Adapter Board

Conversion of the output voltage (0...+10 V) into an output current (0...20 mA or 4...20 mA) is possible with option VMEDAC812-20mA for 8 channels.

Electrical Isolation

Fast magnetic coupling barriers IL715 and DC/DC-converters perform the electrical isolation between VMEbus and analog process section.


The P2 connector links both the external power supply inputs of the analog section and the process signals to the system.
For the connection of the signals from P2 with ribbon cable to an industrial mounted module (according to DIN EN 50022) with terminal blocks, the option DAC1612-ADAPT1 or DAC1612-ADAPT2 are recommended.
The analog outputs are also accessible via two 34-pin post connectors in the front panel.

Customizing Option

In the customized version VME-DAC1612-XVME530 the board comes with 5 outputs,12 bits, adjusted for 0...+10 V.
Front-I/O, I/O data access and power supply are compatible with XYCOM XVME530.

Software Support

Control of the VME-DAC1612 via VMEbus is easily done with simple commands, so that no driver is necessary. Nevertheless, drivers for all popular operating systems are available.

VME-DAC1612: VMEbus board with 16 analog outputs, 12 bits resolution by esd