Intelligent Board for 2 CAN Channels


  • Full CAN controller by integrated firmware for any identifier

  • Basic CAN controller 82C200 or Full CAN controller 82527

  • Electrical isolation by optocouplers

  • ISO 11898 CAN layer

  • Data transfer rate up to 1 Mbit/s

  • CPU 68000, 20 MHz

  • 512 kbytes battery-backed SRAM with CRC check and 1 Mbyte EPROM

  • VMEbus compatibility: IEEE 1014 / C.1

  • VMEbus access: SADO32, SD16

  • CAN protocol support: CAL/CMS and CANopen®, DeviceNet™

  • Higher layer protocols as CAL, CANopen and DeviceNet for VMEbus master CPU and various operating systems available

This product is in life cycle stage end-of-life!
(Please use replacement VME-CAN4)

Not recommended for new designs