Intelligent Board with 16 Analog Inputs and 4 Outputs


  • Electrical isolation of analog inputs and outputs

  • High data throughput by means of local intelligence

  • Easy operation by shared RAM interface

  • CPU 68340/25 MHz

  • VMEbus compatibility: IEEE 1014 rev. C.1

  • VMEbus access: SD16

  • 4 analog outputs

    • Resolution: 16 bits
    • Analog output range: +/- 10 V
  • 6 or 16 differential analog inputs:

    • Available resolutions: 12 bits or 16 bits
    • Input range: +/- 10 V
    • Maximum sample rate of 33 kHz (16 channels) / 45kHz (1 channel)

Intelligent CPU Kernel

VME-AIO16 is an intelligent VMEbus board, containing 6 or 16 analog differential inputs and is ideally suited for fast and flexible data acquisition. It includes all necessary components on a VMEbus 6U board and needs one slot. The VME-AIO16 comes with a local MC 68340 CPU at 25 MHz for the execution of complex data acquisition algorithms. The CPU section of the VME-AIO16 contains 256 kbytes of SRAM, EPROM and two RS-232 interfaces. Configuration parameters may be stored in an EEPROM.
VME-AIO16 provides 256 kbytes of shared SRAM, as well, to form the interface between local CPU and VMEbus.

Powerful Analog Inputs

The VME-AIO16 was designed for use of A/D converters with 16 bits resolution, but can also be equipped with 12 bits resolution converters. The input voltage range with standard components is ±10 V. By varying the resistance values other voltage ranges as well as current measurement (±20 mA) are possible.

The A/D converters can be synchronized via an external trigger signal. Of course triggering is possible by software as well. The following sampling rates can be obtained by means of the software included: The maximum sampling rate from trigger signal until reception of the A/D-data in the SRAM is 33 kHz when all 16 channels are sampled synchronously. If only 8 channels are sampled synchronously, the maximum sampling rate is 40 kHz, for just one channel it is 45 kHz.

Analog Outputs

In addition to the analog inputs the VME-AIO16 board contains 4 bipolar ±10 V D/A converter outputs with a resolution of 16 bits. These D/A converters allow internal calibration and offset adjustment of the input amplifiers. To achieve this each D/A converter can be connected to one of four A/D inputs via a multiplexer. Of course the user can also use these D/A converter outputs directly as process outputs.

Electrical Isolation

Full electrical isolation of all analog inputs and outputs, proper wiring to the backplane via P2, an integrated power supply with DC to DC converters and LED displays on the front panel make the VME-AIO16 ideally suitable for industrial use.

Software Support

A complete operation package is supplied as firmware for the local CPU. It contains a shared RAM interface and complete parameter settings for sample rate, trigger condition etc. The multi-channel shared RAM interface makes the implementation of different master operating systems, such as VxWorks, OS-9, PSOS, UNIX or RTOS-UH easy to realize. C drivers for various operating systems are available.

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Number: V.1705.02

16 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs, 16 bits resolution each; CPU 68340, 25 MHz, 256 kB shared RAM; optoisolated, incl. firmware not RoHS compliant

Form factor: VME  
  • Analog Output
  • Analog Input
HS Code: 85176200