RTOS-UH Support and Services

30 Years Experience with RTOS-UH

  • Kernel drivers and libraries

  • Board Support Packages (BSPs)

  • Supported architectures: MC 68xxx, MC 683xx and PowerPC™

Support, Training and Workshops

Customer specific Software Development

esd Offers a wide Variety of Services surrounding RTOS-UH


RTOS-UH Kernel Drivers

Kernel driver and libraries are available for many of our products.

  • Device drivers for CAN/CANopen and other I/O interface products.
  • Well defined libraries providing stable and documented APIs.

Board Support Packages (BSPs)

RTOS-UH is used within multiple esd products. For example RTOS-UH powers our '331 and 360 CAN families'.


Customer specific Software Development

Among our standard products, esd offers customer specific software solutions based on RTOS-UH as engineering service. Please contact our sales team.


Support, Workshops and Training

  • esd offers training courses that are especially suited for esd's off-the-shelf or customized projects based on RTOS-UH.
  • esd provides long term support for drivers and BSPs.
  • Support and training is provided by esd's highly motivated and experienced engineers and developer team.
  • Please contact our support team.

Do you miss RTOS-UH support for specific esd products?

esd's software support for RTOS-UH is subject of continuous development. For missing RTOS-UH support  and for customer-specific software solutions, pleace contact our support team. We will send you the required software or find a different solution based on your requirements.


The programming system PEARL RTOS-UH was designed for the special requirements found in process automation and automatic control and is based on the processor families MC 68xxx, MC 683xx as well as on the PowerPC. RTOS-UH offers the same programming and real-time environment regardless which hardware is used - from the smallest single board MC 68008 up to the high-end PowerPC 604 VME-bus systems or PowerPC 750 CPCI systems.


  • Real-time operating system
  • Supported architectures: MC 68xxx, MC 683xx and PowerPC
  • Very small footprint
  • With PEARL 90 there is a high level language with special focus on real-time applications.
  • Field proven for more then 30 years.