DVI-Graphics Board


  • PMC board according to PCI Mezzanine Card specification

  • 69030 graphics controller

  • Resolution up to 1600x1200x16 bits per pixel

  • 4 Mbyte on-chip high performance SDRAM memory

  • DVI-I (digital video interface) connector inluding RGB-analog

  • One PS2-port for keyboard and one PS2-port for mouse at one Mini-DSUB9 connector

  • Graphics drivers for VxWorks®, Linux® and QNX®, Windows® 98/NT/2000

Graphics Controller Asiliant 69030
The PMC-DVI is a graphics board in ‘single’ PCI mezzanine card size. The powerful graphics controller 69030 offers display modes from 640x480 (true color) at 85 Hz up to 1600x1200 (16 bit colors) at 60 Hz. The DVI-I-interface is designed to control CRT-monitors by analog video signals as well as TFT-monitors by digital video signals.

Keyboard and Mouse Interface
The board is equipped with a Mini-DSUB9-connector as PS2-interface. A PS2-keyboard and a PS2-mouse can be connected to this port simultaneously by means of an adapter.

DVI-Graphics Board: PMC-DVI by esd
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