Intel® Atom™ Processor E620 Low Power CPU Card for Classic CompactPCI® and PlusIO Systems


  • Atom low power CPU E680T, 1.60 GHz, TDP 4.5 W PCH EG20

  • 2 GB onboard DDR2 memory

  • DVI

  • 2x USB

  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)

  • High Speed I/O Expansion Connector

    • 6x USB
    • 1x SATA-2
    • CFast
    • 1x PCIe
  • M-SDHC PICMG 2.30 PlusIO J2:

    • 4x USB
    • 4x SATA-2
    • 4x PCIe
    • up to 2x Gigabit Ethernet
  • 3U/4HP form factor

 Full Specification (inclusive all available Options)

  • CompactPCI® System Slot Controller
    • CompactPCI® PlusIO Rear I/O According to PICMG® 2.30
    • Hybrid Systems Option (Dual Backplane CompactPCI® & CompactPCI® Serial)
  • Based on the Intel® Queens Bay Platform (Tunnel Creek CPU, Topcliff PCH)
  • Intel® Atom™ E6xx Mobile Processor
    • E680(T) Processor
    • 1.6 GHz
    • 4.5 W TDP (T = -40 °C to +85 °C)
    • Power Optimized CPU
    • Integrated Graphics Engine
  • DDR2 Soldered Memory up to 2 GB
  • Integrated Graphics Controller (Front Panel: DVI Connector)
    • Max Resolution 1920x1080
  • Intel® EG20T (Topcliff) Platform Controller Hub (PCH)
    • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Controllers (Individually BIOS Controlled either F/P or J2 RIO)
    • Two Native SATA Channels 3Gbps
  • Four Additional SATA Channels 3Gbps, Mezzanine Usage (Option on Request) and/or Rear I/O (JMicron Controllers, no BIOS Boot Support as of Current)
  • Twelve USB 2.0 Channels
  • CFast™ Card Host Connector on-Board (SATA 3 Gbps I/F)
  • microSD Host Connector (up to 32 GB Class 6 Speed microSDHC Card Support)
  • SATA 1.8-Inch Solid State Drive (SSD) up to 800 GB with C42-SATA Mezzanine Module Option (4HP Assembly Height Maintained)
  • CompactFlash with C40-SCFA Mezzanine Module Option (4HP Maintained)
  • Secondary CFast™ Card Host Connector with C41-CFAST Mezzanine Module Option (4HP Maintained)
  • On-Board PCI Express® Packet Switch (4 Lanes available for Rear I/O and CPCI Serial Backplane Respectively, another 1 Lane for Mezzanine Side Card)
  • Legacy I/O Expansion Connectors (CAN 2.0B, HD Audio, LPC, PS/2, UART)
  • High Speed I/O Expansion Connectors (LVDS, PCI Express®, SATA, USB)
  • Variety of Mezzanine Expansion Boards (Side Cards) Available with and w/o PCIe
  • Most Mezzanines Optionally Equipped with 2.5-Inch Single- or Dual-Drive
  • Rear I/O Transition Module Option (e.g. PR1-RIO)
  • +5 V Only Design, on-Board +3.3 V Regulator Can Feed CPCI Peripheral Slot Cards up to 5 A thus Eliminating Need for +3.3 V External Power Supply Rail
  • UEFI Phoenix BIOS with ACPI
  • Long Term Availability
  • Coating, Sealing, Underfilling on Request
  • Operating Temperature 0 °C to +70 °C (-40 °C to +85 °C on Request)

The PC2-LIMBO is a low power 4 HP/3U CompactPCI® CPU board, equipped with an Intel® Atom™ E6xx series 1.6 GHz processor, available on request for the industrial operating temperature range. The PC2-LIMBO front panel is provided with two Gigabit Ethernet jacks, two USB receptacles, and a DVI video connector for attachment of a high resolution digital display. The PC2-LIMBO is equipped with up to 2 GB soldered RAM for rugged applications. An onboard CFast™ host connector is provided for attachment of a SATA SSD module. In addition, a microSD card holder can accommodate an industrial microSDHC Flash card. Further more, several SATA based low profile mass storage expansion modules are available as an option.

PC2-LIMBO CompactPCI Serial CPU