P2 Adapter for EMERSON (ex. Motorola) CPUs


  • P2 adapters for MVME177, -172, -167, -162, -147, -4600, -3600, -2700, -2600

  • CENTRONICS interface via 26-pin post connector

  • SCSI via 50-pin post connector

  • AUI port via 15-pin DSUB connector

  • 100BASE-TX (Twisted Pair) via RJ45-connector

  • Serial interface via 9-pin DSUB connectors

  • Backplane wiring in 19''-systems for direct plug-in according to IEEE1101

CPU Port Wiring
The MVME-adaptor is used to wire the ports of the MOTOROLA CPUs MVME147, -162, -167, -172, -177, -2700, -2600, -3600 and -4600.
The adaptor board is connected directly to the P2 connector of the CPU (IEEE1101 only), if the system has an according design. The connectors for 10BaseT, AUI and the four serial interfaces are therefore directly accessible at the rear panel or, depending on the design, at the front panel.
In the version MVME-TR2-T the adapter can be used as a pure AUI / 10/100Base-T converter. In this case, the P2 adapter MVME-P2 and the ribbon cable MVME-ADAFBK 16 are necessary for the connection to P2.

IEEE802.3 to 10BaseT
The adaptor board MVME-TR2 enables a conversion of the AUI interface to an IEEE802.3 (Cheapernet) interface in twisted-pair design. The signal lines are insulated by transformers. Connection is done via a female RJ45.

The AUI signals, which apply directly at the CPU P2 connector, are accessible via a 16-pole post connector and via a 15-pole female DSUB connector in the front panel.

Serial Interfaces
The serial interfaces are fed to four 9-pole DSUB connectors in the front panel of the adaptor. For boards with 761 I/O-assignment at P2 only interfaces 1+2 can be used.

The SCSI interface is connected via a 50-pole ribbon cable connector. Resistor networks are equipped in sockets for bus termination. They can easily be removed without the use of tools. The voltage supply for external termination networks is protected by a miniature fuse.

Via a 26-pole post connector the CENTRONICS interface can be connected. The interface can be connected 1:1 to a female DSUB25 via an adaptor cable.

Front Panels
For installation of the adaptor board at the rear of 19" racks, a manufactured front panel (acc. to IEEE1101) is available.

Connecting Lines
Apart from adaptor boards, esd offers various connecting cables for connection of the CENTRONICS port, the SCSI interface and the AUI interface. The lines are realized by ribbon cables. The transition connectors are equipped with interlockings (AUI, SCSI) or screws (CENTRONICS, serial interfaces). The connecting lines have already been described under adaptors MVME-P2, -TR.

MVME-TR2 is a P2 Adapter for EMERSON (ex. Motorola) CPUs by esd
Not recommended for new designs