EtherCAT Workbench

EtherCAT® Network Configuration and Diagnostic Tool


  • Comprehensive EtherCAT configuration tool to create network configuration files, initialize and monitor an EtherCAT network

  • Built-in EtherCAT Master to support online topology scan

  • Export of ENI configuration files

  • Configuration based on ESI files or ESI data of the devices' EEPROM

  • Application supports offline and online mode

esd is a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG).
EtherCAT icon


Minimum System Requirements:

Software Microsoft Windows XP or higher,
.NET Framework 2 SP2
Hardware Network interface card,
screen resolution at least 1024x768 pixel


Video esd EtherCAT Workbench Quickstart Tutorial

EtherCAT Network configuration and diagnostic tool: EtherCAT Workbench by esd