Intelligent PCI-DeviceNet™ Interface

2x DeviceNet Interface at one PCI Board

  • DeviceNet interface acc. to DeviceNet specification 2.0

  • On board microcontroller for local data management

Local Master/Scanner Firmware

  • Local master/scanner firmware relieves the user dealing with the low-level DeviceNet protocol

  • Common API approved at various operating systems

Dynamical Firmware Updates possible by Download

esd is a member of the ODVA (DeviceNet Vendor Association)

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Powerful DeviceNet Interfaces for PCs

The module DN-PCI/331 is a PC board designed for the PCI bus. It uses a 68331 microcontroller, which cares for the local DeviceNet data management. Data is stored in the local SRAM. The DeviceNet interface of the board meets the requirements of the DeviceNet specification 2.0. The interface is electrically isolated from the other potentials by means of optocouplers.

Software Support

The firmware for the master/scanner is stored locally in the Flash EPROM and can be dynamically updated by download. Drivers are available for Windows 32/64 bit systems. A VxWorks driver is available on request.


Also available for CAN/CANopen®: CAN-PCI/331

Intelligent PCI-DeviceNet interface: DN-PCI/331