PROFINET® IO /CompactPCI® Interface

Linking PROFINET IO and CompactPCI

  • Fast and reliable PROFINET IO device interface for CompactPCI systems with data buffering

  • CompactPCI-PLC link, e.g. to SIEMENS S7-300 or S7-400

  • Cost effective: 4 channels onboard

Design with Established Siemens ERTEC400

  • PROFINET IO interfaces via RJ45 sockets in the front panel

  • CompactPCI Bus according to PIC-MG® 2.0 R2.1

High-Performance PROFINET IO Connection

  • Large process image

  • 4 PROFINET IO interfaces onboard for flexible wiring

  • PCI bus master capability

The CPCI-PN-DEV is certified by the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO)

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esd is a member of the PNO

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PROFINET IO/CompactPCI Interface

The CPCI-PN-DEV can link any PROFINET IO controller to a CompactPCI system and operates as a PROFINET IO device with a maximum of 1440 bytes input data and 1440 bytes output data on the PROFINET IO bus. Four PROFINET IO ports, accessible via the front panel, give an excellent base for PROFINET IO applications.


The CPCI-PN-DEV integrates a CompactPCI-based application into the PROFINET IO network, e.g. a SIMATIC-S7.

Physical Interfaces

The CPCI-PN-DEV is a CompactPCI board in 3U format. The 100 BASE-TX PROFINET IO interface is compatible to IEEE802.3 and runs with 100 Mbit/s. The PROFINET IO interface is electrically isolated.


The module can be configured via PROFINET IO configuration tool, e.g. the PLC SIMATIC Manager. No additional configuration tools are required!

CPCI-PN-DEV: PROFINET-IO / CompactPCI-Interface by esd