CompactPCI® Graphic Card with Silicon Motion SM502 GPU

DVI-I, Serial and USB Interface

  • 1x DVI-I connector including RGB-analog

  • Graphics processing unit SM502

  • Front-side 1x serial RS-422 interface switchable to RS-232,
    1x serial RS-232 interface via on-board connector

  • Graphics resolution up to 1280x1024

  • 1x USB 1.1 port for keyboard and mouse interface or as touch interface

  • 4 Status LEDs

Multiple Interfaces for Touch

  • Connected via RS-232 or RS-422

  • More touches or HID via USB 1.1

QNX® and Linux® Driver Support

  • Other operating systems on request

Industrial Graphics Controller

The ultra low-power graphics controller SM502 offers display modes from 640x480 (True Color) at 85 Hz up to 1280x1024 (High Color, 16 bit) at 75 Hz. The DVI-I interface (digital video interface) is designed to control CRT-monitors by analog video signals as well as TFT-displays by digital video signals.

Serial Interface

The CPCI-DVI/2 is equipped with two serial interfaces. The front-side interface can be switched to RS-232 or RS-422 and supports a touchscreen or general purpose serial I/O. The on-board RS-232 interface can be used for general purpose serial I/O.

USB Interface

The board is equipped with a USB 1.1 interface. QNX and Linux driver support for USB is available. All device classes supported by the OS can be used. Drivers for other operating systems are available on request.

User LEDs

The three User LEDs are programmable via Graphics Framework Library (QNX) or via I/O device driver (Linux).

Hardware Options

Optionally the CPCI-DVI/2 can be enhanced with a USB Hub.

CPCI-DVI/2: CompactPCI graphics board with SM502