CompactPCI® PowerPC™ CPU Board with CAN, ETHERNET and USB

Cost effective 3 U / 4 HP CompactPCI CPU Board

  • MPC5121e CPU with e300 core and 400 MHz / 760 MIPS

  • Flexible and fast storage via CompactFlash®-card and USB connector

  • High-speed CAN interface, 1 Mbit/s, ISO 11898-2, electrically isolated

  • QNX® and VxWorks® BSPs available

  • CANopen®, J1939 and ARINC 825 protocol available

  • EtherCAT® Master stack available

Longevity Program of NXP

  • Enhanced availability: the CPU is included in the longevity program of NXP®

  • Low power consumption

Wide Storage Support (ATA, SDHC™)

  • CompactFlash card slot

  • On request ATA devices and SDHC CLASS 10

  • On request on-board storage eMMC™ and Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM)

CompactPCI PowerPC Board

This board is specially designed for cost sensitive applications with low power consumption and a long product availability. The NXPmicrocontroller MPC5121e with RISCcore, FPU and fast flash memory support is best suited for data processing purposes.

Network Interfaces

The CPCI-CPU/5201 contains one ETHERNET interface for 10/100 Mbit/s nets that is accessible via a RJ45 connector in the front panel. The ISO11898 compatible CAN interface is accessible via a DSUB9 connector in the front panel. The CAN interface is electrically isolated and supports bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s. Additionally up to two CAN and/or three RS‑232 interfaces can be provided via a 4 HP enlargement at the front on request.

MPC5121 Integrated Processor

The MPC5121 CPU contains the e300 Power Architecture® technology processor core and operates with 400 MHz and up to 760 MIPS. It is equipped with 32‑Kbyte instruction cache and 32‑Kbyte data cache. The superscalar processor core comes with instruction and data MMU and integrated double-precision floating-point unit.

Software Support

The flash memory carries the standard ‘U-Boot’ program that enables the CPCI-CPU/5201 to boot various operating systems from network or on-board Flash. Thus Real-time OS like QNX and VxWorks are directly supported with full support of on-board drivers by esd, others on request. There is also a bunch of higher layer protocols like CANopen, J1939 and ARINC 825 as well as an EtherCAT Master stack available.

CPCI-PowerPC with Ethernet, USB and CAN: CPCI-CPU/5201 by esd