4x CAN (CANopen®, J1939 or ARINC 825), IRIG-B, with Bus Master DMA

4 High-Speed CAN Interfaces for CompactPCI® with Bus Master DMA

  • CAN interfaces according to ISO 11898-2 with electrical isolation

  • Capable of 100% CAN bus load

  • Reduces system load by bus master DMA transfer

  • Enhanced diagnostics features e.g. CAN Error Injection

  • 33/66 MHz CompactPCI interface

Realtime OS Drivers, J1939 and ARINC 825 Higher Layer Protocol Support

  • Drivers and higher layer protocols for Windows®, VxWorks®, Linux®, QNX®, RTX, On Time RTOS-32 and others

  • CANopen, J1939 and ARINC 825 protocol available

  • CAN is driven by well proven esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) CAN controller

IRIG-B Input

  • IRIG-B input (expedient for ARINC 825 application)

Drivers are available for several Operating Systems (see tables Software Support below). For other OS please contact our Support.
CAN driver availability for all esd CAN interfaces is listed here.


CPCI CAN Interface

The CPCI-CAN/400-4 is a CompactPCI board in 3U format, that features four electrically isolated CAN High-Speed interfaces according to ISO 11898-2. CAN is driven by the esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) CAN controller implemented in the Xilinx Spartan 3e FPGA. The CPCI-CAN/400-4 provides high resolution hardware timestamps.


The CPCI-CAN/400-4 IRIG-B features an IRIG-B interface that offers inputs for analog or RS-422 IRIG-B coded signals. Both are electrically isolated. IRIG-B evaluation is controlled by an additional microcontroller. IRIG-B is used directly for CAN timestamping.

Software Support

Operating system independent CAN layer 2 API (NTCAN).
Multiple Higher Level Protocols available
• CANopen Master- and Slave-Stack
• J1939 (Windows only)
• ARINC825

Options PXI and :C
The CPCI-CAN/400-4 optionally features a PXI interface:
The signals TRG 0-7, CLK 10 and STAR are controlled via the FPGA. The signals LBL/LBR1-12 are looped through.
An optional 32-bit MicroBlaze :C is available in the FPGA. Please, contact our sales team (sales@esd.eu) for further information.


CPCI-CAN interface with 4x CAN (CANopen, J1939, ARINC 825)
Not available