2 Channel LIN Adapter Board for CAN-PCIe/402-2-FD

esd PCI Express® Board Adapter with 2 LIN Interfaces

  • Adapter board with 2 additional LIN interfaces, physical layer according to ISO 17987-4:2016

  • Bit rate programmable up to 20 kbit/s

  • Automatic bit rate detection and resynchronisation

  • LIN interfaces via DSUB9 connectors in the front panel

  • Master and Slave work modes

  • Switchable LIN Master pull-up resistors (control via I²C bus)

  • LIN transceiver

  • Status LEDs

  • Flat ribbon cable included in delivery

  • I²C I/O expander

Extend your 2-Channel CAN FD Board CAN-PCIe/402-2-FD with 2x LIN

  • Intel® FPGA

  • Automatic detection of the CAN-PCIe/402-Slot2-LIN via I²C bus

CAN-PCIe/402-Slot2-LIN Adapter

As extension for the esd CAN-PCIe/402-2-FD board the CAN-PCIe/402-Slot2-LIN provides the physical layers of two additional LIN interfaces. The LIN interfaces are accessible via DSUB9 connectors in the separate slot bracket of the adapter board.
They are designed according to ISO 17987-4:2016.

CAN-PCIe/402-2-FD - PCI Express Board  by esd

The CAN-PCIe/402-2-FD is a PC board designed for the PCIe® bus that features two CAN FD interfaces according to ISO 11898-2 via DSUB9 connectors. The CAN FD interfaces are designed according to ISO 11898-1:2015. They are driven by the ISO 16845:2004 certified esdACC (esd advanced CAN Core) implemented in the Intel® FPGA.
All CAN FD versions are fully backwards compatible with CAN and can also be used in Classical CAN applications.

The FPGA on the CAN-PCIe/402-2-FD supports bus mastering (first-party DMA) to transfer data to the host memory.
In addition to the CAN esd ACC cores the Intel FPGA carries two LIN IP cores for the control of the physical layers of the LIN interfaces on the CAN-PCIe/402-Slot2-LIN.

Software Support

Windows and Linux (NTCAN-API and NTLIN-API)
The CAN/LIN layer 2 drivers for Windows and Linux are included in the scope of delivery of CAN-PCIe/402-2-FD.

Real-time OS (NTCAN-API and NTLIN-API)
CAN/LIN layer 2 drivers e.g. for QNX®, RTX64® and VxWorks can be ordered separately.

Customization on Request

Customized options are available for customized serial production in reasonable quantities. Please contact our sales team for detailed information.

LIN Adapter for CAN-PCIe/402-2-FD: CAN-PCIe/402-Slot2-LIN by esd
Under development. Available Q3 2021