High Performance PCI-CAN-Interface


  • High-end PC board for the PCI bus

  • Microcontroller 68360 with real-time operating system

  • Up to 32 MB DRAM

  • PCI-Bridge QSPAN CA91860

  • Additional interfaces: 1x RS-232 (optionally RS-422, RS-485, TTY), 3x serial (TTL level), 1x Ethernet (TTL level)

  • CAN controller SJA1000, ISO 11898-1

  • CAN interfaces electrically isolated and designed acc. to ISO 11898-2

  • Bit rate up to 1 Mbit/s

  • Software examples for DOS and Windows® 3.11 in source code

  • CANopen® master-slave object licence available

  • Also available for DeviceNet™

Drivers are available for several Operating Systems (see tables Software Support below). For other OS please contact our Support.
CAN driver availability for all esd CAN interfaces is listed here.

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