OPC UA Server for Mapping CAN Frames as Objects

Powerful and Resource Efficient

  • Scalable, high-performance and resource-efficient OPC UA server

  • Platform-independent and secure data exchange for CAN fieldbus devices

  • Implemented as a Windows® service it can be executed without an active user

  • Supports Classical CAN as well as CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate)

Fully Configurable and Flexible

  • Customizable OPC variables with bit-exact length/position in CAN data

  • Highly configurable by adding permissions, descriptions, units etc.

  • Adaptable to the structure of your CAN network topology

High Compatibility

  • Supported by any esd CAN interface with Windows driver support

   Integration Support on Request

     • esd supports your integration and development process
     • Extended support is available

Linking OPC UA and CAN

Every CAN frame is mapped to one or more OPC UA variables by defined CAN ID, bit position and bit length together with data conversion rules for data types (Boolean, SByte, Byte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, etc.).
Additional options for structure and accessibility are provided by adding groups, enumerations, and properties, to define the OPC UA variables.

Connection diagram with esd CAN-OPC UA Server

Easy Configuration

Easy-to-use configuration tool for settings, mapping, and logging. Mapping is done via a CSV file, which can be easily edited with a text editor or most spreadsheet programs.

Input Data

The OPC variable’s data, including additional information about last received CAN message and variable state, is updated on each reading operation.

Output Data

Changing the OPC variable’s data can be configured to either directly trigger the related CAN message or to store the information to be send on demand.


CAN-OPC UA Server für Windows supports a fully integrated encryption for Basic128Rsa15, Basic256 and Basic256Sha256 protocols.

Access Control

Customizable read/write permissions are defined by variable and client. Authentication support for anonymous and authenticated access.

High Compliance

The OPC server implementation was tested to be compliant with the OPC UA specification 1.3 (‘Micro Embedded Device Server Profile’, ‘SecurityPolicy-Basic256Sha256’) with the UACTT V1.3.

CAN-OPC UA Server for Windows - Mapping CAN frames as objects