CAN-OPC UA Server for Windows

OPC UA Server for mapping CAN frames like objects

Powerful and resource-saving

  • Scalable, powerful and resource-saving OPC UA server
  • Platform-independent and secure data exchange for CAN fieldbus devices
  • Executable without active user due to implementation as Windows® service
  • Supports Classical CAN and CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate)

Fully configurable and flexible

  • Individually adjustable OPC variables with bit-exact length/position in the CAN data.
  • High configurability by adding permissions, descriptions, units, etc.
  • Adaptable to the structure of your CAN network topology

High compatibility

  • Usable for all esd CAN interfaces with Windows driver support

Integration support on demand

  • esd supports your integration and development process
  • Extended support available

Linking OPC UA and CAN

Each CAN frame is mapped to one or more OPC UA variables with defined CAN ID, bit position and bit length as well as defined data conversion rules for the data types (Boolean, SByte, Byte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, etc.).
For the definition of the OPC UA variables, additional options for structure and access are provided via 'Adding-Groups', 'Enumerations', and 'Properties'.

Simple configuration

User-friendly configuration tool for settings, mapping, and logging. Mapping is performed by means of a CSV file that can be easily edited via a common text editor or most spreadsheet programs.

Input data

The data of the OPC variables, including additional information about the last received CAN message as well as the status of the variables, are updated during each read operation.

Output data

The configuration can be done in a way that after changes of the data of the OPC variables the sending of a corresponding CAN message is triggered directly or the information is stored and sent only on request.


CAN-OPC UA Server for Windows supports fully integrated encryption for Basic128Rsa15, Basic256 and Basic256Sha256 protocols.

Access control

Customizable read and write permissions can be set for variables and clients. Authentication support exists for anonymous and authenticated access.

High conformance

The OPC server implementation has been tested with the UACTT V1.3 (OPC UA Compliance Test Tool) and meets the requirements of the OPC UA Specification 1.3 ('Micro Embedded Device Server Profile', 'SecurityPolicy-Basic256Sha256').

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Number: C.1103.31

OPC UA server with integration for esd CAN interfaces. Operating system: Windows 7 or higher, CPU architecture: x86_64, Delivery as object code, Runtime license for single user/device

  • Software Application
Supported OS:
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Ethernet
  • OPC UA
HS Code: -
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