ISA-CAN Interface (Layer 2, CANopen® or J1939)

1 or 2 Channel High-Speed CAN Interface for PCs

  • Up to two high-speed CAN interfaces according to ISO 11898, electrically isolated

  • Powerful microcontroller 68331 reduces CPU load

Real-time OS Support and Higher Layer Protocols CANopen and J1939

  • Software driver for Windows®, Linux®, QNX® and VxWorks®

  • CANopen and J1939 protocol libraries are available

Well-established Product

Drivers are available for several operating systems (see tables Software Support). Please contact our Sales Team for detailed information about the driver availability for your operating system or if you need drivers for other operating systems.
CAN driver availability for all esd CAN interfaces is listed here.


Powerful CAN Interfaces for PCs

The module CAN-ISA/331 is a PC board designed for the ISA bus (ISA 16 bit). It uses a 68331 microcontroller, which cares for the local CAN data management. The CAN data is stored in the local SRAM. Security and consistency of data is guaranteed for up to 1 Mbit/s.

CAN Interface

The ISO 11898 compliant CAN interfaces allow a data transfer rate of 1 Mbit/s. The CAN interfaces are electrically isolated from the other potentials.

Software Support

Software drivers are available for Windows, Linux, VxWorks and QNX. Drivers for other operating systems are available as well. Libraries for the higher layer protocols CANopen and J1939 are available. Additional free-of-charge esd CAN tools for Windows offer efficient setup and analysis of CAN applications and networks.

CAN-ISA/331 CAN interface board by esd
Not recommended for new designs