Overview of all CAN and CAN FD interfaces

The CAN bus is widely used as a standard in the automotive, commercial vehicle, machine engineering, medical, aerospace and other industries. esd offers interfaces for a wide range of hardware platforms and bus systems. Drivers with unified API, BSPs and higher layer protocols like CANopen, J1939 and ARINC 825 are available for Windows, Linux and numerous real-time operating systems like QNX and VxWorks.

CAN / CAN FD technology

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CAN Interfaces
4 Order items
CAN-PCIe/400-Slot2 2xCAN

CAN-PCIe/400-Slot2 2xCAN


Physical layer ISO 11898 (2xDSUB9), incl. connecting cable, for CAN-PCI/400 und CAN-PCIe/400




2nd CAN channel for Low Profile board, Physical layer ISO 11898 (1xDSUB9), incl. connecting cable, for CAN-PCIe/402-1-LP




2nd CAN channel for Low Profile board, CAN-FD capable according to ISO 11898-1:2015, Physical layer ISO 11898 (1xDSUB9), incl. connecting cable, for CAN-PCIe/402-1-LP-FD




for CAN-PCIe/402-2-FD (C.2045.64) and CAN-PCI/402-2-FD (C.2049.64, LIN-Interface as per ISO 17987-4:2016, galvanically isolated, incl. connecting cable

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