CAN-to-Cloud Gateway

Connects CAN Bus to Microsoft® Azure® Cloud via Ethernet

Control your CAN Bus from around the world!

  • CAN data access from all over the world

  • CAN message insertion into your CAN net from all over the world

  • Performance optimization due to product specific hardware design

Simple Configuration and Secure Data

  • Easy-to-use due to Web Browser Interface

  • Flexible process image configuration
    - Filter CAN messages by ID
    - Relay complete or partial CAN message data
    - Multitude of data formats
    - Add application specific infos to your messages
    - Message timestamps

  • Secure data transfer using TLS/SSL

  • Stay safe: Data hosting in Germany possible (Microsoft Azure Deutschland, trustee: Telekom)

Stay connected to latest Software Products

  • Your uploaded CAN data stays connected to the latest Software Products offered by Microsoft Azure and connected Services

  • Perfect for Predictive Maintenance

  • Local monitoring software becomes obsolete

  • Local storage of CAN data can be backed up or substituted using the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Comprehensive Functionality

The CAN-to-Cloud device connects your CAN net to your Microsoft Azure Cloud using Azure IoT Hub. Once transferred to the Cloud, the data can be processed according to your needs. Microsoft Azure offers a multitude of software services for further processing. This enables storing your data, displaying and analyzing it and generating alerts based on the data which can subsequently be delivered to your computer, smart device or phone. As the feature list offered by Azure Services is growing daily, we recommend considering the latest information on

CAN-to-Cloud Gateway by esd

Figure: CAN-to-Cloud device connection

Requirements for using CAN-to-Cloud

  • CAN-to-Cloud Gateway with application
  • Microsoft Azure Account
  • Optional: Telecommunication partner like Twilio® for SMS messaging
  • Optional: WebApp for data visualisation

Product Support

The careful design of our CAN-to-Cloud device and our in-house quality management system results in an easy-to-use and reliable product. Should technical support be needed, you can rely on our competent staff being close at hand. As we develop our products in-house, we are also able to implement personalized features, should the need arise.

Connect CAN to Microsoft Azure Cloud via Ethernet: CAN-to-Cloud
Under development. Available Q4 2019