Powerful Realtime Controller in a Smart Format

Stand-Alone PowerPC™ Controller

  • MPC5121 with FPU, 400 MHz

  • 0.5 GB SDRAM, 1 GB NAND-Flash

Fast Communication Interfaces

  • 100BASE-TX Ethernet

  • 2x High Speed CAN, 1x USB 2.0 Full-Speed Host

PROFIBUS® and EtherCAT® Options

  • PROFIBUS-DP® slave (as option)

  • EtherCAT-Master (as option)

CAN drivers are available for several Operating Systems (see tables Software Support below). For other OS please contact our Support.
CAN driver availability for all esd CAN interfaces is listed here.


PowerPC Device

The CAN-CBX-CPU5201 is a stand-alone CPU module with a powerful 400 MHz PowerPC, 0.5 GB DDR2-SDRAM, 1GB NANDFlash and RTC with battery backup on-board.


The power supply and the CAN bus signals can be applied via the InRailBus connector (TBUS-connector) integrated in the mounting rail or separately via the clamp-connection. From the InRailBus individual modules can be removed without interrupting the bus signals.

Communication Interfaces

The CAN-CBX-CPU5201 comes with a 100BASE-TX ETHERNET interface that is accessible via an RJ45 plug in the front. An USB device (e.g. printer, memory stick) can be connected on the front side USB 2.0 Host interface. The two CAN interfaces are designed according to ISO11898-2 high-speed with bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s.


One CAN interface is electrically isolated and is accessible via a 5-pole Combicon-style connector. The other CAN interface (optional electrically isolated) is connected to the InRailBus for local CBX-I/O expansion. A serial RS-232 interface for terminal and debugging is accessible via an RJ12 connector.

Software Support

Linux , Linux/PREEMPT-RT and QNX 6.0 are available as operating systems, others on request. With the IEC61131-3 programming and run-time system CoDeSys the controller can act as a PLC optionally.

CAN-CBX-CPU5201: Powerful Realtime Controller in a Smart Format by esd