Automation Computer with One CAN Interface


  • Microcontroller 68331, 25 MHz

  • High-speed CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898-2, electrically isolated, 1 Mbit/s

  • Programming and control via RS-232 interface (PC or laptop)

  • Real-time operating system RTOS-UH

  • Programmable acc. to IEC 1131 or HLL

Fast Computer with CAN and Serial Interface
The CAN-CBM-PLC/331-1 module is a high performance computer basis for the field of decentralized automatic control engineering.
It operates with a 25 MHz microcontroller MC68331, supported by a fast response real-time multitasking operating system, which is programmed either in  accordance with IEC-61131 or in HLL (GNU-C++ or PEARL).

CAN Interface for Process-I/O
Analog, digital and serial input/output modules of the CANbloc® series can be connected to the automation computer CAN-CBM-PLC331-1 via the CAN bus in accordance with the CANopen standard.
The ISO 11898-compatible CAN interface allows a maximum data-transfer rate of 1 Mbit/s. The CAN interface is electrically insulated via DC/DC converters.

Serial Interface for Configuration and Communication
The integrated serial interface is used for configuring (program download and debugging) and for connecting a serial terminal.

CAN Protocols
CANopen is supported as Layer-7-protocol on the CAN layer.

Programming and Debugging
For the automation system CAN-CBM-PLC/331-1 you can use a PC-supported development environment for high-level languages GNU-C++ and PEARL and a IEC- 61131-Soft-PLC tool for Windows 95/98/NT.
You can either use the serial interface or the CAN bus itself for programming.

CAN-CBM-PLC/331-1 by esd: Automation Computer with One Interface
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