CANopen® Module with Serial Interface


  • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY to CAN

  • Standard equipment: RS-232

  • Options: RS-422, RS-485 or TTY-passive

  • Microcontroller C505

  • Maximum bit rate of serial interface:

    • 125 kbit/s (RS-422, RS-484)
    • 38.4 kbit/s (RS-232)
    • 1200 bit/s (TTY-passive)
  • CAN interface electrically isolated and designed acc. to ISO 11898-2

  • CAN bit rate up to 1 Mbit/s

  • CAN-layer-2 protocol or CANopen

  • Ambient temperature range

    • 0...50 °C (standard)
    • extended temperature option -40...+85 °C
  • DIN-EN rail-mountable housing (TS 35)

Serial Interface
The CAN-CBM-COM1 offers the linking of the CAN net to a serial interface. In the standard version the physical layer is realized as an RS-232 interface. Instead of the driver for RS-232 interface, the module can be equipped with piggybacks for RS-422, RS-485 or TTY-passive interfaces.

Local Microcontroller
A C505 microcontroller is used to handle the serial interface and the CAN.

CAN Interface
The ISO 11898-compliant CAN interface allows a maximum data-transfer rate of 1 Mbit/s (max. 35 m cable length). The CAN interface is electrically isolated by optocouplers and DC/DC converters.

Complete Firmware On-board
The complete EPROM resident CAN communication firmware for operation of the CAN-CBM-COM1 is contained in the scope of delivery. The module is available with CANlayer-2 protocol and CANopen.

Not recommended for new designs