CANopen® Module with 4 Analog Outputs


  • Low-cost compact CANopen module

  • 4 analog outputs with 12 bits resolution

  • Output voltage ranges: 0...10 V, ±10 V

  • CAN controller SAB80C515C

  • CAN interface acc. to ISO 11898, electrically isolated, bit rate 1 Mbit/s (max. 10 m cable length), 500 kbit/s (max. 80 m cable length)

  • CANopen profiles acc. to CiA® specification CiA 301, CiA 401

  • Direct fixing at DIN-EN carrier rail

Industrial-compliant Design
The analog outputs are connected via C-clamps (COMBICON), which guarantee a simple and safe handling with low costs via the terminal block. The analog outputs are controlled by the processor of the I/O unit by means of several serial digital/analog converters. The outputs can either be controlled via SDO (Service Data Object) or PDO (Process Data Object).

The electrically isolated physical CAN layer is ISO 11898-compliant and allows datatransfer rates of up to 1Mbit/s. It is connected via screw/plug connectors.

Intelligent Micro Controller
The CAN-CBM-AO4 module has got a SAB80C515C micro controller with integrated CAN-2.0B interface and firmware EPROM.
An external EEPROM is available to store the module configuration.

CAN Protocols
According to standard the CANbloc-Mini module operates with CANopen in accordance with CiA-DS401.

Not recommended for new designs