Routing Module for har-link® Connector

Easy Wiring of Process Signals

  • Adapter for 10-pin female har-link® connector (Harting) to Phoenix Contact COMBICON with spring-cage connection FK-MCP 1,5/14-STF-3,81

Standard Mounting at DIN-EN Rail

Optimal Signal Shielding with har-link® Adapter Cable

One Adapter - Four Applications
The AMC-ADIO-Adapter is designed to support the wiring of the AMC-ADIO24. The adapter can be connected to each I/O-type of the AMC-ADIO24: digital I/O, analog inputs, analog outputs or SYNC-ports.

Signal Routing
Eight signal lines plus Ground and Shield are routed via the harlink® cable to the Mini COMBICON connector at the AMC-ADIOAdapter.
One Shield clamp is available for two signal lines. This ensures optimum shielding of the cable assembly.
The shield potential is automatically connected with the DIN-EN rail via a spring cage contact when the AMC-ADIO-Adapter is mounted on the rail.

If connected to one of the analog input connectors at the AMCADIO24, four differential analog I/O signals plus Shield and Ground are available. Connected to the analog output connector two analog outputs each as differential and single ended plus Shield are available.

If connected to one of the digital I/O connectors eight digital I/O signals plus plus Shield and Ground are available. Connected to the SYNC-connector 4 SYNC ports plus Shield are available.

EMC Improvement
HF ferrites in the signal lines improve the EMC properties of the AMC-ADIO-Adapter.

Easy Wiring
The Mini COMBICON connector is pluggable to allow easy removing of the cable assemblies.

Routing Module for har-link® Connector- AMC-ADIO-Adapter by esd