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Number CAN-Channels
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I/O Types
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PMC-CAN/331/3.3-1 1xCAN

PMC-CAN/331/3.3-1 1xCAN


Intelligent PMC-CAN-Interface, MC 683331 with PLX 9030 bridge, 1 CAN 2.0A/B-interface (SJA1000), 3.3V on PCI, ISO11898, electrically isolated, data transfer rates up to 1 MBit/s; firmware integrated, Drivers, tools and documentation for Windows & Linux on CD-ROM

PMC-CAN/331/3.3-2 2xCAN

PMC-CAN/331/3.3-2 2xCAN


Intelligent PMC-CAN Interface, MC 68331 woth PLX 9030 bridge, 2 CAN 2.0A/B-Interface (SJA1000), physical layer according to ISO 11898, electrically isolated, 3.3V on PCI, data transfer rates up to 1 MBit/s; firmware integrated, Drivers, tools and documentation for Windows & Linux on CD-ROM




CANopen module with 4 relay channels, designed as 2x make contact and 2x changeover contact for switching voltages up to max. 250VAC/125VDC and switching currents up to max. 8A. CANopen according to CiA 301 and CiA 401 Device Profile for Generic I/O Modules. Connectors for wire end ferrules included in the scope of delivery.




VME-CAN4-NTCAN-VxWorks VxWorks driver as object license for VME-CAN4 supporting the esd ntcan interface.




32 digital input or output, Timer, optical isolation, no routing from I/O to UPP63140, (RoHS except HD63140)




for one of the operating systems QNX 6.5.0 SP1, 6.6.0 or 7.0 consisting of: 1 board support package without warranty (shipped as is) (I.1401.75) Version is when ordering to indicate 12 months hotline support and BSP updates (I.1401.65) Supply as customer download!

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