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Speeding up with CAN FD
2017-08-10 Especially in the automation industry complex electronic controllers nowadays require higher and flexible CAN data transfer rates. Our... [Read more] CAN / CANopen / DeviceNet
New Compact PCIeMini Board
2017-07-11 We have extended the 402 series of our PC CAN boards by a new PCIeMini card. Due to its highly compact design, CAN interfaces can be used... [Read more] PCI Express
Download of Release Notes
Download of release notes 2017-06-23 From now on registered customers are given access to the release notes of operating and device software on our website. Quick and Easy... [Read more] Software
esd expands Management Board
Links Inhaber und Geschäftsführer Klaus Detering, rechts Geschäftsführer Norbert Gemmeke 2017-06-08 esd electronics has extended its management. Since 1st June 2017 Norbert Gemmeke conducts business of esd electronics gmbh as the second... [Read more]
High End CPU Boards: Balancing high Performance and Power Consumption
2016-12-08 The new high end CPU boards based on NXP PowerPC QorIQ T10xx offer an ideal balance between performance and power consumption: The XMC... [Read more] PMC/XMC
Turn your PCIe system into an EtherCAT Slave Device
2016-08-03 esd has added a new board to its growing series of EtherCAT interfaces with Altera FPGA. As a follow-up to the ECS-PCIe/1100 the new ECS-... [Read more] EtherCAT
Simulate your NTCAN Application with the Virtual CAN Driver
2016-07-01 esd offers a virtual CAN device driver which allows you to develop NTCAN-API based applications much easier. The virtual CAN driver makes... [Read more] CAN / CANopen / DeviceNet
esd Team succeeds at B2Run
Jasmina Stahl Schnellste unter den Frauen 2016 2016-06-02 This year's race at the B2Run event on 31st of May in Hanover ended with a victory for the esd team of 20 runners. The annual corporate... [Read more]
Turn your XMC System into an EtherCAT Slave Device
2016-04-28 At this year´s Hannover Fair esd presents a new XMC EtherCAT® Slave Interface. Any XMC mounted system can thus be converted into an... [Read more] PMC/XMC
Find the Right Product with new Synoptic Tables
2016-01-14 Use the new product feature tables to find the required product much faster. This extension of esd's web site permits an overview... [Read more] Products