Turn your XMC System into an EtherCAT Slave Device


At this year´s Hannover Fair esd presents a new XMC EtherCAT® Slave Interface. Any XMC mounted system can thus be converted into an EtherCAT slave device.

 XMC EtherCAT® Slave Interface

EtherCAT slave module by esdThe EtherCAT slave controller board utilizes a Beckhoff IP-Core. The controller memory storage is mapped directly in the PCI Express® address space. The EtherCAT slave device can be configured easily by the esd EtherCAT Master or any other Master. An EtherCAT Slave Information file (ESI file in XML format) serving as an example is included in the scope of delivery. The esd EtherCAT Slave API library and the example code make a fast integration and development quite easy.

The ECS-XMC/FPGA provides Bus Master DMA-Support which reduces CPU loads due to the copying of output data to the host memory. This feature is provided by the EtherCAT slave stack. The additional EtherCAT signals SYNC and LATCH are available at the second XMC connector P16, the solder pads or optionally at the PMC I/O plug P14.

The scope of delivery includes the driver, examples and documentation for Windows and Linux.

For further information on the ECS-XMC-FPGA or our other XMC boards please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at sales@esd.eu.