Simulate your NTCAN Application with the Virtual CAN Driver


esd offers a virtual CAN device driver which allows you to develop NTCAN-API based applications much easier. The virtual CAN driver makes programming and testing of applications possible without the necessity of connecting CAN hardware or an additional CAN node. The CAN driver is part of the CAN-SDK for Windows as of Version 5.2.0.

Virtueller CAN-Treiber

  • All NTCAN-API calls are available and can be utilized.
  • All CAN-SDK applications (CANreal, CANscript, …) are usable without hardware.
  • Features not available in the hardware, yet, i.e. CAN-FD, may be evaluated beforehand.
  • Development and testing as well as the demo of NTCAN based applications is possible without connecting hardware.
  • New customers may evaluate the benefits of the NTCAN-API much better than by just reading the manual.
  • Due to the fast communication in the memory stress testing for applications can be created, enforcing data rates far beyond the physical possibilities of an actual CAN bus.

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