Secure and fast data exchange with CAN-OPC UA Server


When it comes to ensuring a fast and secure data exchange between platforms and systems from different manufacturers, OPC UA is increasingly brought into play. Due to its open standard almost any system can exchange data with other systems in form of standardized objects, regardless of the interface or bus system in use.
Since February 2020 we are member of the OPC Foundation. Today we would like to present our new CAN-OPC UA Server for Windows, which allows you to integrate the CAN bus into the IIoT world without having to write code for it.

  • Easy mapping of CAN frames as objects
  • Platform-independent and secure data exchange between CAN bus and IIoT
  • Supports both classical CAN as well as CAN FD
  • Easy configuration of OPC UA objects via interchangeable configuration file


If you need more information on our CAN software or if you are looking for a customized software solution please contact our sales team. You can reach us by phone at +49-511-372980 or via e-Mail: We look forward to hearing from you !