RTX64 Driver Support for CAN PCI Express® Board


esd has introduced new versions of their CAN drivers for RTX 2009/2011/2012. For the first time RTX64 for 64-Bit Windows versions is now part of the supported platforms of IntervalZero´s realtime extension.

The recently introduced PCI Express board, CAN-PCIe/402, is ideally suited to be used in combination with RTX for a number of reasons. This includes above all the support of MSI (Message Signalled Interrupts), which eliminates the common problem to search for a free interrupt which is not shared with other devices.
Moreover the board also supports Busmaster DMA, which leads to a maximum I/O performance, yet very low CPU load. This makes it particularly suited for applications in real-time environments which require high determinism combined with low latency.
The RTX CAN drivers allow the use of different CAN boards in a single PC and support the esd NTCAN API which is identical for all supported operating systems.
As an option esd also offers CANopen (Manager/Slave), SAE J1939 and ARINC 825 stacks for RTX, which allow the integration of CAN hardware into these environments.