esd sponsors School Project at IdeenExpo


At the IdeenExpo 2013 four students of the robotic team of the Oldenburg technical grammar school (BZGT Oldenburg) presented their project "Invisible Thread". They developed a smart shopping trolley which automatically follows the shopper along the supermarket aisles. esd sponsored this school project.

Robotik-AG Team of BZGT Oldenburg at the IdeenExpo 2013 in HannoverAs if attracted by an invisible thread the remote controlled shopping trolley follows the shopper during his shopping tour. This represents a relief especially for elderly and disabled people in their daily routine.

The CAN-USB/2 module`s job is to control the motors of the shopping trolley`s drive unit.

The project was awarded as the "Discovery of the Day" at the IdeenExpo, and it was the only school project visited by the prime minister of the federal state of Germany Niedersachsen and some of his cabinet members.

We are pleased with the success of the "Invisible Thread" and wish the BZGT Oldenburg every success with upcoming projects.

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