Easy Start-up for EtherCAT Applications


More and more users and products nowadays rely on EtherCAT® as the Ethernet based fieldbus per se. For an easy start with the set-up and operation of an EtherCAT network esd has launched a new starterkit including a whole set of related esd products.

The esd software components EtherCAT Master and EtherCAT Workbench make it easy to gain knowledge and experience with EtherCAT fieldbus in an application. Our digital I/O module, ECX-DIO8, acting as EtherCAT-slave is included in the scope of delivery. In this way an EtherCAT network is already available and ready to get started with.

The EtherCAT starterkit allows an easy access to any EtherCAT development and helps to lay the foundation for typical EtherCAT applications such as mechanical engineering or fast I/O controllers.

Block diagram EtherCAT Starter Kit


  • EtherCAT ready to use package
  • Easy start-up of using EtherCAT
  • Cheap entry into EtherCAT technology for beginners




If you have any questions regarding our EtherCAT Starterkit please contact our sales team at sales@esd.eu or by phone: +49 (0)511-372980.