Bridge Mode for esd EtherCAN/2


esd enhanced the EtherCAN/2 firmware in such a manner that two gateways can operate autonomously as CAN/CANopen bridge. Elaborate acceptance and forwarding rules can be applied for an optimal adaptation to the connected CAN networks.

EtherCAN/2 Bridge Mode In this mode two EtherCAN/2 connected via TCP/IP receive CAN messages on their local CAN network and pass them to the remote one. In order to reduce the amount of data exchanged between the EtherCAN gateways and the generated busload in the local CAN networks acceptance and forwarding rules can be applied on the received CAN messages.

Acceptance filter rules can be defined separately for CAN messages in standard (11-Bit) and extended (29-Bit) frame format. The filter for standard frames is based on individual CAN-IDs and for extended frames on an acceptance mask. After a CAN message has passed the acceptance filter forwarding rules are applied which allow to send this message on the other CAN network with a different CAN-ID.

The configuration of the EtherCAN/2 bridge mode does not require any specialized configuration tool but can be accomplished via the web interface with a standard browser. The bridge (acceptance and forwarding rules) configuration can also be downloaded and uploaded as a text file.

Within the physical limits it is no problem to connect two CAN networks with different bit rates. Even in bridge mode the operation in the standard mode as remote CAN interface is not limited. So it is, for example, still possible to analyze the CAN network with the free esd monitor tool CANreal.

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