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CAN FD - Easily migrated to Machinery and Plants CAN-PCIe/402-FD according to ISO 11898-1-2015 Powerful Control with CAN FD

Due to its high data security the CAN bus is well-established even in applications beyond the automotive industry and is used in the industrial automation and in safety-related areas for a long time. [Read more]

Dezentral regeln und automatisieren in Echtzeit Embedded Single Board Computer EPPC-T10 mit 3 Ethernet-Ports Vorteile von Echtzeit-Automatisierungssystemen

Nicht erst Industrie 4.0 oder ethernetbasierte Feldbusprotokolle rücken Echtzeit-Lösungen in den Fokus. In vielen Branchen besteht schon seit Jahrzenten die Nachfrage nach echtzeitfähigen Regelungs- und Automatisierungssystemen. [Read more]

External Realtime Position and Orientation Control Circuit for Path Accuracy Improvement of Industrial Robots Kuka KR 300 R2500 Ultra and laser tracker Leica AT901 at Fraunhofer IFAM EtherCAT® Bridge ECX-EC connects PC and Robot Control

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Tech­nology and Advanced Materials IFAM carries out solutions to improve industrial robots accuracy for machining of large aircraft structures ...

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Intelligent Solid-State Relay increases Operation Reliability of Deepwater Hammer deepwater hydraulic hammer controller Custom-specific Solutions for the Offshore Industry

The objective was to modernize the control unit of a deepwater hydraulic hammer from MENCK GmbH. One relevant aspect of the redesign was to improve the operational reliability, ...

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Kompakter Embedded PC für Echtzeit-Anwendungen Embedded Single Board Computer EPPC-T10 mit 3 Ethernet-Ports Standard-Controller für schnelle Steuerungs- und Regelungsaufgaben

Der Single-Board-Computer EPPC-T10 lässt sich als Standard-Controller für schnelle Steuerungs- und Regelungsaufgaben in Maschinen und Anlagen flexibel einsetzen. [Read more]

Modular System Configuration for flexible Shearer Loader Control Shearer loader SL 500 from Eickhoff in underground mining CAN Bus Modules in heavy-duty Mining Machinery

The company Eickhoff uses CAN IO and CAN interfaces to control heavy-duty mining machinery ...

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Remote programmable Lubrication System reduces Maintenance Effort Web application by esd for perma NET lubrication system CAN-CBX Controller and Web Application Software by esd support remote Control of multi-point Lubrication Systems

The perma-tec company provides lubrication solutions for many types of industries and applications. The single-point and multi-point lubrication systems ensure ...

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SIL compliant Stage Machinery Control based on proven Technology SIL compliant stage control by esd's customer Theatertechnische Systeme TTS TTS relies on esd's proven VME Bus Technology

Stage machinery is placed close to stage staff and actors who must rely on this technology. ...

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Standard Modules Reduce Development Time Battle ship

A 4-channel CAN controller has been the source of a customer specific development for an arms manufacturer. Initially the customer was looking for a single-board computer with a wide range of interfaces for an existing VPX system. esd electronic system design from Hannover develops ...

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