Remote programmable Lubrication System reduces Maintenance Effort

CAN-CBX Controller and Web Application Software by esd support remote Control of multi-point Lubrication Systems

The perma-tec company manufactures and distributes lubrication systems for many types of industries and applications. perma-tec's single-point and multi-point lubrication systems ensure best lubrication at a minimum amount of time and low staff requirements. In order to further minimize the expenditure at multi-point lubrication systems, perma-tec develops the lubrication system perma NET with central control of up to 600 lubrication points. The access to the lubrication system is controlled by an CAN-Ethernet gateway developed by esd which was integrated as an OEM device with NET GATEWAY function into the perma NET system. The multi user interface of the gateway offers versatile control and monitoring functions.

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Web application by esd for perma NET lubrication system