Intelligent Solid-State Relay increases Operation Reliability of Deepwater Hammer

Custom-specific Solutions for the Offshore Industry

The objective was to modernize the control unit of a deepwater hydraulic hammer from MENCK GmbH. One relevant aspect of the redesign was to improve the operational reliability, since repair services on deck of special vessels cause considerable costs. As part of a cooperation between the companies of Lütze in Weinstadt and esd in Hannover the current control system/power management system LOCC-Box was successfully converted into an intelligent solid-state relay with condition monitoring.

For more than 140 years the MENCK GmbH with headquarters in Kaltenkirchen/Germany has been producing steam boilers, winches and hydraulic pile hammers for the offshore industry. Their steadily developing products are deployed in offshore oil, gas and wind farm projects as well as in bridge building and port construction.

deepwater hydraulic hammer controller