Whatever your project - we have the solution

esd's over 30 years of experience allows our company to provide top quality, highly-skilled development teams that work to your specifications and give your project their personal attention.

These custom-specific boards and systems offer your project:

Test bench for Airbus A380 by esd
               Airbus: test bench by esd
  • Cost reduction by tailoring our product to your needs.
  • Building on well-proven esd products to provide a shorter time to market, you are not re-inventing the wheel.
  • Cost effective transformation of esd standard products into OEM products.
  • On-site training to ensure effective project start-up.
  • Further development and modification accomplished quickly and efficiently as required.
  • Manufacturing scheduled to fit your projects' timeline to accommodate a 'Just-In-Time' inventory.
  • Long-term availability - if requested, we will store inventory components for up to 10 years.
  • Ability to extend product lifetime through function compatible re-designs.

esd's strength: Electronic System Design

  • Each year we develop over 20 highly complex Embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs) and countless I/O modules that are considered 'State of the Art'.
  • esd employs more than 20 engineers working in teams to provide the highest skill levels for your project.
  • esd looks back on a long-lasting experience with high-performance micro-controllers (PowerPC™, ARM®, etc.).
  • In-house prototype development and manufacturing within 3 to 4 months.
  • esd provides standard interfaces including EtherCAT®, CompactPCI®, PCI, PCI EXPRESS®, AMC, VME, and CAN.
  • FPGA development - especially Xilinx®, i.e. Spartan.
  • We provide printed circuit board designs with up to 12 layers and 120µm structures.
  • Our circuit board technology is up-to-date and includes flex circuit and Micro-Vias.
  • We offer board support packages and I/O drivers for Linux®, VxWorks®, QNX®, OS-9® and others.
  • Production in quantities of from 10 to 10,000 units/year.
  • All products include complete function testing with archived protocols.
  • Development accomplished according to IEC 61508 (safety) and BVS (mining authorization).
  • Product inspections performed according to DIN EN 61000 (EMC), DIN EN 60068 (for environmental influences) and DIN EN 13309 (on-board EMC).
  • esd participates as a member of CAN in Automation-CiA® (CAN), ETG (EtherCAT®), PNO (PROFIBUS®) and PICMG® (CompactPCI, AMC) to continually maintain our cutting edge status.
Control units by esd
                     Control unit by esd

esd's strength: Application development

Logos of Linux, VxWorks, QNX and Qt
  • We develop test and simulation software for clients that include the aerospace industry, the navy and test bench technology.
  • esd provides complex control and actuator software for special purpose machinery according to specifications.
  • We supply our own stacks for CANopen®, J1939 and EtherCAT, and integrate Industrial Ethernet i.e. PROFINET® IO, Ethernet IP and Modbus-TCP.
  • esd has CAN drivers with identical API available for most hardware platforms.
  • We provide software for operation and automation components, and include integration of foreign languages.
  • We offer application programming for real time operating systems (QNX, VxWorks, OS-9 etc.).

esd's strength: Electronic System Design

  • esd develops complete systems.
  • We produce complex control systems that include the service unit for special purpose machines.
  • We supply test and simulation systems for a variety of applications including aerospace, maritime, and test bench technology.
  • esd provides assistance obtaining certifications and type approvals (environment, climate, etc.).
  • We develop and manufacture custom-specific front panels and casings as needed.
Industrial wood machine touch panels by esd
             Machine tool: touch panel by esd

esd's strength: Personal attention - worldwide

One team leader for the entire project
  • Personal attention by a team leader who is responsible for the entire project.
  • Employees in all of esd's departments committed to providing outstanding project solutions and customer service.Quality management system acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Short communication channels between system design and production team.
  • Documentation in both German and English.
  • In addition to our offices in Germany, we have a U.S. office and offer worldwide support in cooperation with partners in China, Japan, Israel and France.

We are your professional partner - from the idea to the finished product