esd supports PREEMPT_RT in Real-Time Linux applications


To fulfill the demand on Linux in real-time applications esd supports PREEMPT_RT. PREEMPT_RT (also known as Linux with RT-patch) makes the standard Linux kernel suitable for real-time scenarios.

For application programmers PREEMPT_RT is the most simple approach because the typical Linux Posix API can be used. Only minimal care must be taken when going real-time.

The RT-patch makes the standard Linux kernel preemptable and therefore deterministicLinux PREEMPT-RT support by esd and allows scheduling latencies of about 100 µs with today's typical embedded platforms. In detail esd provides:

  • PREEMPT_RT enabled kernels for esd's embedded platforms and customized products
  • Linux device drivers for esd's interface products that have been testet on PREEMPT_RT systems


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